Monday, April 26, 2010

New updates soon

I'm not dead.

Just graduating in a hair more than a week, so I have just been super busy. The car will be getting its well deserved, thorogh update soon though


Monday, June 22, 2009

new progress, lazy man.

a lot has changed. I probably don't update this often because of my lack of followers, but meh, i just need a route to record and show progression with the new car.

Lets take a side road. I am done with the white car, ironic because its my logo, fuck it. I am done with that chassis. I think its been my limiting factor. It always demotivated, it always grinded my last gear, it always held me back. Reasoning, or perhaps in my head, the car was built for disaster. I learned its early roots was part of early texas/mineral wells drift scene, with the initial owner drifting it in mineral wells often with an NA sr20de and a silvia front. Then, the car had good intentions. It transfered owners to shreveport, with josh (me knowing him from my young drift wannabe days) and the shift_sideways crew, also avid drift fans. Somewhere, josh was selling the car, and it ended up in the hands of macspeed. Macspeed took the time to demolish the car from its intended purpose, real hard driving.

The car was immediately bondoed up, several cans would be my estimate, with a molded pair of sideskirts and rear valences, completely unmatching to that of the vertex style front. The car was painted white with a goofy hood stripe, still sr20de. The car was built for tasteless show tackyness, with a big set of 19s thrown on the hubs, 4x4 ride height, leaving the sensation and taste that this car would never see the track again. I learned that the car was actually a personal car of JJs of Macspeed, the owner. I only assume that the s-chassis wasnt baller compared to his usual whips of the s2000, and his current NSX, so he sold it.

The car was sold to Jaret, an aquaintance. I initially met him out at shrevecity, where i saw the car with all the ridiculous body work done and him owner. Car was still sr20de, with most things similar to what jj did to the car, minus the ridiculous town vinyls and the old signiture konig mp3 advan knockoffs i was familiar with when the shift sideways crew would depend on those wheels. I added him to myspace that night, but never really talked to him. Come about 2-3 years ago, i see a myspace bulletin where he is trying to sell the car. This time with a redtop sr20det, cant get it running, he wants 2500. I offer him 1500 and make it rain. The car was mine at this point, and within a week, me and pat got it running, simply a dented in ecu which was grounding on the circuits. From there I slowly poured my money in this car.

this was regret. I learned early on something was odd of the car. I was never initially able to get it to keep an alignment. Me being rather unskilled in diagnostics of automobiles knew something was funny about the frame in the front, but didnt ever take the time to actually look. I assumed tension rods, coilovers, the wheels, aero, may fix it, however nothing happened. I took the car out to mineral wells, one when i first got the car and had it running, with the exception of an added welded differential. The second time was with the addition of coilovers, tension rods, and shimmed viscous. A much better event than the first, but was never really able to get the car out on its full. The car was tweaked sometime in its lifetime, and bad. The strut tower on the drivers side and forward was welded on, including portions of the frame right below the strut tower. The drivers side tension rod had to be cranked to the shortest position while the passenger side was midway, however caster was the same on both sides (alignment 101). The car would never hold an alignment. The bondo-tastic body work was relentless, and would have required hours of dedication and time to fix.

I knew had to move on from the car. I took time off from the car, sticking to school and unfortunately getting dragged into partying too much with the drag car guys. This caused a bad seperation between me and my formerly close drift crew. This was approximately about the time Brian was leaving for Japan. Soon after, i found myself never calling them, and them never calling me, but only the remark of flaker. I understand. I did disappear. I then got a realization that I had money coming in now from work, and that I couldnt spend it anymore on something I didnt want to spend it on. I got pat set up with an s14, and with this was able to purchase his s13 fastback from him.

And this is where the chapter continues. Me and william have been working on the car on and off. Current focus is the rear suspension and subframe. I am doing everything and beyond to the car I need to make it fairly competitive. The chassis is fairly straight, and hopefully should no longer be a factor in me driving at events.
Current things I am doing to the car.
Rear subframe is out- painting it orange.
Adding a set of Parts shop max subframe risers
PSM toe arms, rear spring 6kg, cnc breather, and other things coming in.
Energy suspension bushing kit to replace majority of bushings in the car.
gonna try to get s14 front arms and spindles, have derrick rogers of fabricated motorsports mod them and have crazy angle with the combination of peak performance tie rod ends and steering angle spacers.
New ball joints. I finally got me a buddy club seat rail for the JIC bucket.
I am going to try for A/C. I am going to get the bracket by Johnny Fraxx to install the KA dohc compressor, run lines and let a shop take it from there.
My goal is street car. Full interior is stayinig the car, gonna be clean. Mega low, i removed the collars off the front coilvers, cleaned it all up, etc. For now, no aero, but in a bit I am going to get some works9 bumper action and mix it with the uras for the hotness! Eventually i plan on going t28 with the car, or 2871r, depending on funds of course, and from there we'll see what happens.

Ill try to update this as often as I can, and try to urge people that may care to follow.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Mondays, I hate mondays.

Today was a boring day. Woke up, went to class. For Lunch I met up with william at one of my favorite places, Ichiban. Spicy Beef Bento, Yessir.

Yesterday he presented me with this book, Amazing Cocks.
My favorite chicken.

I finalized the day with forum on free will after my literature in translation test. Finished it up with golden land where I got spicy tuna, gotta remember to take more pics.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

So I decided I am...

I figure since I have a lot of friends moving around, I will follow the footsteps of Brian and have a blog going for myself too.

I'll update with my daily life as it happens i suppose.